some more Haikyuu stuff

11.17.15 at Book Off Ikebukuro

11.18.15 at a random shop in Akihabara

11.18.15 at Mandarake,Akihabara

11.20.15 Kiddy Land – Omotesando



Tokyo Skytree – Jump Shop


ah yes. lots of goods except for the shirts. there were only a few remaining. 😦

found some gachapon outside the store. just beside it.

and we did pass by  Haikyuu!! Anime Gengaten Exhibition at Tokyo Skytree , however, due to budget constraints we didn’t go inside 😦

IMG_6054 (Large)

Haikyuu Anime Exhibition at Tokyo Skytree

IMG_6060 (Large)

Haikyuu Anime Exhibition at Tokyo Skytree Entrance

Tokyo Skytree Studio Shop – Haikyuu


big section inside the Studio Shop for Haikyuu goods and stuff. oh wow!

got a few selected pics here. *actually, i just took a lot of pics of the items as i can’t buy them. if only i had a lot of money! >.<

there are 2 areas for the Haikyuu stuff. this is the biggest one with the big screen tv showing ads and some scenes from the anime 😉 this is by the main entrance.

and these are from the area nearby the payment counters

and these welcomes you as you enter through the back enrance of the shop coming from inside the skytree.

look around and  you’ll see a haikyuu ufo catcher and some gachapon. hehe 😀

Haikyuu Stageplay Nov 22

1300 at AiiA Theater Tokyo in Shibuya

2nd and last show, wishing for more but it’s a bit expensive already.  😉

haikyuu2-10 (Large)

Aiia Theater Tokyo, Shibuya

haikyuu2-8 (Large)

Goods Area

haikyuu2-7 (Large)

AiiA Theater Tokyo

haikyuu2-11 (Large)

Haikyuu Poster

this must be the lines that we usually see at the venue. they’re lining up for the day tickets or lottery for the other performance dates.

haikyuu2-12 (Large)

Japanese/English information on Day Ticket and Lottery

i just inserted my credit card in this machine to print our tickets

haikyuu2-6 (Large)

Ticket Machine

haikyuu2-9 (Large)

Haikyuu Tickets

inside the venue as we wait for the doors to be opened.

haikyuu2-3 (Large)

inside AiiA Theater

this is so cool! they have an area where you can leave gifts for the cast members.  and it’s very easy for foreign fans, no need to like memorize their japanese names or write their names in japanese character.  what they have on the table in the picture below are the printed haikyuu promo material that has the cast members faces and names. you just have to point to whom you want your gifts to be given. they also have small pieces of papers that have printed japanese names of the cast ready to be attached to the gifts. now i’m wondering whose names are usually requested. i bet, one of them is kosuke asuma (oikawa). hehe 😀

haikyuu2-5 (Large)

Gift for Cast Members and Cloak Room area

this is where you can pre-order the dvd scheduled to be released Mar next year.

haikyuu2-4 (Large)

DVD Per-order area

we’re at the same row as the 1st show we’ve watched. just different seat no. but still at the center. so we can assume that the seats sold online at the english site are the last few rows  anyway, it was still an awesome view as we get to see the whole stage and i can still see the actors faces. it is really a small venue.  and yup. that’s a volleyball in the middle of the stage. ^^

haikyuu2-1 (Large)

Haikyuu stage

after a row of seats behind us is the control booth.

haikyuu2-2 (Large)

Control Booth

really enjoyed the play. i was a bit sad. still hoping to watch another show but i’ll probably won’t be lucky enough to get anymore tickets and i have to fly back to manila the next day. i’ll just wait for the dvd then. next year. ^^

Haikyuu Stageplay Nov 19

19:00 at AiiA Theater Tokyo in Shibuya

1st of the two shows we’ve decided to watch and lucky enough to get tickets from the english link at the  hyperprojection official  website ->

it was really awesome that they provided an english site which also has a facility to buy tickets. thank you to whoever thought of this.

as we got there, we saw a long line of girls leading to the theater. we lined up for a few mins but later learned that we just need to get our tickets from the machine at the front of the entrance of the venue.  thanks to the english speaking staff who helps those who bought the tickets through the english site.

since we’re still waiting for the time to get our tickets, we lined up for the goods instead. the goods area is by the side of the theater.


Goods Area

Goods Area

after the goods area, we proceeded to the main entrance


AiiA Theater Tokyo


Aiia Theater Tokyo


Haikyuu posters around Aiia Theater Tokyo

getting our tickets now. as per the english speaking staff, we just need to insert the credit card we used online to buy the tickets in this machine and that’s it. the tickets were already printed. cool! *thanks mr staff*


Haikyuu Stageplay Ticket Machine

our tickets


Haikyuu Stageplay Tickets

inside the venue. picture of the seat plan.  it seems that the last few rows were the ones sold in the english ticketing site. this is still ok as i can still clearly see the faces of the actors since the venue is really small. great seats. dead center.


Seat Plan

as a big fan of haikyuu, i really enjoyed the stageplay. it was AWESOME! getting to see the anime and manga characters brought to life. anyway, will write a separate post re the play itself. hehe 😀


AiiA Theater Tokyo, Shibuya

thanks hyperprojection for the awesome production. it was really worth flying to japan just to see Haikyuu stageplay.

haikyuu season 2 starto!

so excited! today is the start of season 2. thanks to those who recorded and translated the show. it was already up in just a few hours! thank you thank you!

ep 1 was awesome..all of the scenes are soooo special! sorry. fan here so i may be bit biased. hehe 😀

anyway, here’s my most fave scene. that flying hinata move is so in your face! haha 😀 get that ushiwaka!





got the haikyuu fever!

oh wow! i’m really addicted to this series. have watched the series 3x already read the manga twice. and now patiently waiting for the next chapters and the second season. yahooo!

posted this on my fb account last july 14. which only shows i’m in too deep. hehehe 😀

my otp.. shoyo & noya

shoyo & noya

shoyo & noya

but wait, the stage actor playing tobio kageyama is really something. just look at this pic!

tobio kageyama - tatsunari kimura

tobio kageyama – tatsunari kimura